30 Sep 2014


The don had doin woken up. He woke with a sullen expression. Even seeing Len didn’t bring a smile to his face. He didn’t want today to come. Sighing, the blonde lazily cuddled better up to Len, his head perched nicely against his lover’s chest. He just wanted to stay…

Dino softly smiled and shook his head, “silly, I’ll have Romario with me, he won’t be in the same room as me, but I’ll be ok, you can’t be with me, this’ll be for dons only.” Kissing his lover softly on the lips, he groaned as he stood. “Well, I guess I should be getting ready, I have to be there today after all, the faster I get this resolved the better, though I don’t think I’ll get off the hook so easily since I said those things to her…” He sighed. Dino could’ve refrained from saying such things yesterday, but well, when they threaten you, they threaten me, and I’m not going to have that.” He chuckled, “it is partially my fault, since I said those things, as a boss, ik suppose to remain calm no matter the situation, so they’ll hold that against me,” he paused, “but don’t worry, I’ve always gotten out of tough situations,” he winked and wrapped an arm around Len’s shoulders, “how about we go downstairs and get something to eat? I think the maids cooked today, so we’ll have a good breakfast for today.”

30 Sep 2014


Everything was a blur, and he didn’t like it. He shouldn’t have snapped like that, but he had finally had enough of her bullying. He was bullied into doing her stuff as a teenager, and now he was still bullied. He knew he had screwed his family, despite being of higher…

The don had doin woken up. He woke with a sullen expression. Even seeing Len didn’t bring a smile to his face. He didn’t want today to come. Sighing, the blonde lazily cuddled better up to Len, his head perched nicely against his lover’s chest. He just wanted to stay like this, he didn’t want to move. “I messed up Len…I know she’ll be more than mad…” Dino sighed stressfully.

After he spoke, there was a knock at the door. “Come in..” He answered. Relief struck him when he saw it to be Romario.

"Boss…" The right hand man spoke with stress dripping in his voice. "Our ‘guest’ wasn’t too happy yesterday.." He paused, letting his boss soak it all in. "She said she would make sure we rue the day you dismissed her…. She said that when she drove home yesterday night."

Dino groaned with annoyance and sat up. “Let me talk to them, I’ll handle what’s going on, I’ve already made you have to put up with her more than once.”

You could tell just by the purse of the older male’s lips, he was unsure about Dino’s decision. “Ok,” he finally agreed. “I’ll set up a meeting for you to go meet with the don of the family.” Bowing, Romario dismissed himself and left, leaving Dino and Len to think, to ponder.

Falling back down to the bed, he smiled bitterly, “well, that was fun yesterday?”
He chuckled softly, trying to lighten the mood.

30 Sep 2014


Once he felt the warmth of Len’s hand grasp his own, Dino snapped out of it. He was suddenly tired, in need of sleep. Meanwhile, Belladonna, still scared and about to pee her pants, dashed out of the room and back to hers. Sighing stressfully, the don held his head and…

Everything was a blur, and he didn’t like it. He shouldn’t have snapped like that, but he had finally had enough of her bullying. He was bullied into doing her stuff as a teenager, and now he was still bullied. He knew he had screwed his family, despite being of higher rank. Dino would have to worry about that tomorrow, he didn’t have enough energy now. The last time he went off on someone, it was with Hiro. Though, now that Dino thought about it, he had gone off before like that when he was younger. And the only person that could stop him was Romario. Great, now he had to face Belladonna’s family. They were a sight to see. A bunch of stuck up snobs, only because of the don’s family. Though now that they’re of money, they think they own the place.

Morning had risen, the older blonde was still fast asleep, yet to wake. He didn’t even stir, he was exhausted. He just hoped she was gone, he would apologize to Romario later for making the male have to deal with her. He still held onto Len tight, afraid to loose his lover. Dino didn’t know what today had in store, but he knew he wouldn’t like it.

30 Sep 2014


Again with Len bothering her. She stumbled back and caught herself. Narrowing her eyes, she glared at the teen. Meanwhile, poor don collapsed to the floor. He felt like fainting, that was extremely close.

Belladonna folded her arms and huffed. She tightened the towel…

Once he felt the warmth of Len’s hand grasp his own, Dino snapped out of it. He was suddenly tired, in need of sleep. Meanwhile, Belladonna, still scared and about to pee her pants, dashed out of the room and back to hers. Sighing stressfully, the don held his head and turned to Len. He frowned, “I’m sorry Len..you saw a bad side of me again…I can’t believe I can loose control so easily…” Looking all guilty, he asked, “other than that, are you ok?…” He cupped the singer’s cheek. “She shouldn’t have said what she did, but Belladonna loves tearing people down, that’s a no brainer.” Holding his head again, he winced and leaned against the younger blonde. “Can you help me to bed?..” He asked, letting the singer do so.

Once they were in bed, the don collapsed to the mattress. His eyes were very heavy. Closing them, he found himself falling asleep, everything was a blur, a blur that he would regret later.

29 Sep 2014





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29 Sep 2014

Again with Len bothering her. She stumbled back and caught herself. Narrowing her eyes, she glared at the teen. Meanwhile, poor don collapsed to the floor. He felt like fainting, that was extremely close.

Belladonna folded her arms and huffed. She tightened the towel around her before stomping a foot. “I’ve had it Dino, my patience is running thin!” She shouted. “Why did you choose this brat?! He’s nothing but a burden, you know that,” she hummed, “you’re breaking the rules of our ancestors, you’re not gay Dino, you know that, or is it he’s giving you something you enjoy? is that why you won’t let him go?~” she clicked her tongue. “I had my family do research on this brat, Len Kagamine~” she was about to go too far. “Orphaned, no one liked him, families would pick every child but him, he was left alone~ then suddenly he became famous with a man named Hiro~ what boy, did you seduce him?~ did you whore yourself around after being bought from that orphanage?~ because no one can get that famous in that little of time~ now I know why Dino wants you so much, I bet you’re whoring yourself to Dino~ wow, what a s l u t~” she laughed loud, her annoying voice sent shivers down the don’s spine. “But see sweet heart~ you don’t need him anymore~ I’m here~ it’s against mafia conduct to have a relationship of the same gender, this rat is in the way, once an orphaned rat, always an orphaned rat~ little boy, this is the mafia~ I can pull as much information out as I want~” she narrowed her eyes in victory. “Sorry boy~ this is my room, you have no right to be with him, you’re as low as they get, scum.” She loved tearing people down.

However, as she blabbed on and on, Dino sat there. Everything that she said struck his anger, filling it each second with hatred for Belladonna. He didn’t want to loose control like he did with Hiro. If he did, he would be in a hell of trouble. However, he wasn’t going to continue to allow her to spout such nonsense.

With his blonde locks covering his eyes, you could sense the anger drifting around him, ready to attack.

"Get out.." He stood up. His voice was firm, demanding, intimidating. Taking his lover’s hand in his, he growled low again, "did I stutter?..get out, get the hell out of my house, because so help me, I don’t give a fuck if you’re a female of the mafia, you’re the scum, you’re below my family, you’re the rat." He glared directly at her, making her flinch. Releasing Len’s hand, he stepped closer to her, death hinted in his eyes. "What gives you the right to barge into my home and act as if you own the place, you’re nothing but a leech, I despised you as a teenager, and I despise you now, I could easily have my family wipe out yours, we don’t need you for trade, we just humor your family, you’re only rich because you father borrowed money from us, and I can take away all that luxury in the blink of an eye." His voice was low, dangerous. "Don’t ever talk to him like that again, never show your worthless face to me, don’t ever threat him, if anything, you’re the slut, whoring yourself around with guys just so you can spice up your boring life." Taking another step closer, he watched as she trembled. "Your body disgusts me, it makes me want to gag, how much money did you waste away to get such a body? Because I sure as hell know you didn’t work for it, if anything you’re fake, this room will never be yours. This is mine and Len’s room, get your filthy body out of here, or I’ll personally take care of that. I’ve held my tongue this long, but now that you talked such vulgar things about Len, I could strangle you if I wanted, and it’s very tempting. Quit being a hinderance and get the hell out. You have a car, drive, and keep the towel, I’ll have to burn it anyway." Len better stop him. He’s already screwing his family over. This just showed how much he cherished his lover. Dino was being very disrespectful, and the only person that could calm him down when he was like this was Len. If the singer didn’t stop him, then it would be Hiro all over again.

29 Sep 2014

Dino sighed and kissed his love gently on the cheek. “It’ll end soon, she’ll be gone, don’t worry…we’ll resume our daily lives, no need to worry ok?..” He hugged Len lovingly and tight. “Right now she’s in the shower and out of our hair, I’ll have Romario escort her to a guest room where she’ll be sleeping.” Kissing his love deeply on the lips, his smile softened. “I’m going to go take a shower ok? I need to think.” The Don went ahead and stripped from his shirt and sweats. He then proceeded towards the bathroom.

It hadn’t taken long before a scream of terror and surprise blasted from the bathroom. A loud thud was heard, making the puppies bark and run around in circles.

"Be-Bell-Belladonna?!…" Dino gasped and backed towards the wall. "What’re you doing in my room?!…" He gulped as she closed in, the towel around her wet, attractive body. She purposely swayed her tempting hips side to side, her breasts doing the same. Dino looked away, his face was a cherry red.

"Oh?~ I didn’t know this~ was your room~ maybe I can, hmm?~ stay a little while and get to know you better~ since you changed so much since the last time I saw you~ you were a cute one when we we’re kids~" closing in, she had the poor Cavallone boss pressed against her body and the wall. "But now~" she traced a finger down his toned torso, fondling the painted skin that intrigued her. "You’re one hell of a sight~ and you know I get what I want~ you’ve always known that~ and when I said I was going to tame you~ I wasn’t lying~" pressing her lips against his ear, she nibbled on them, whispering, "let me get rid of that pest of a blonde in the room~ you’re not gay Dino~ you’re a real man~ and a real man needs a real woman~ so let me show you just what a real woman really is made of~" her hand glided down to the elastic of his boxers. "Len, or whoever his name is, can’t give you what I can~ I’m much better than someone that looks 12 instead of their actual age~" she was dying to tame him and have him as another pawn in her collection.

The don’s breathing hitched. He didn’t like this, he didn’t like her. He was cornered, and he couldn’t push her away, that would mean trouble. He just prayed Len didn’t come in here. If the singer saw, then there’s no telling what he would do. Dino looked away, his facial expression was one of complete disgust. He loves Len, not some female that acts all high and mighty.

29 Sep 2014


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29 Sep 2014


Dino smiled, “Tsuna, I can go take a bath, that is, if you’ll allow me to use your bath instead of mine outside?” Dino didn’t know if Tsuna wanted such filth to enter his clean bathroom. “And about the Reborn thing, he acts almost like an older brother to you..like how…

Dino hesitated, which showed he was trying to think of something, before answering with a smile, “it’s nothing Tsuna, my stomach just felt upset is all, and I had to pee, so that was another issue that’s been solved.” He held back another hoarse cough, afraid they blood would be involved again. It was difficult to hold back the cough. Dino usually was in his room when this would happen. No one saw him, so no one concerned themselves with the situation.

Switching topics, the blonde boy smiled and asked, “would you prefer I take a bath now?” Dino hadn’t taken one since he ran away temporarily from home. Dino knew Tsuna was still demanding an actual answer from him, the truth. Though unfortunately, Dino didn’t feel like sharing. “But Aphrodite..I hope I can meet her, maybe she’ll adopt me as her son?” He giggled and joked, though the blonde slave would kill for that. He glanced at Tsuna’s narrowing glare before quickly looking down. Though before he could react or take action, he felt his gag reflexes take action. Holding his mouth, he had to release that cough that had been pent up, which now made the situation worse. Coughing harshly, he slowly removed his hand that had now been coaxed in none other than blood, like in the bathroom. He didn’t dare look at his brother. Instead, Dino looked down at the bed, feeling ashamed as he mumbled, “c-can I have a towel..?…..I need to take care of this…”

29 Sep 2014

"I know you don’t…" Dino sighed and agreed, "and frankly, I don’t either, but she’s here, and I have no say in her decisions, because again, that would be disrespectful, now if she was a guy and of lower class acting all high and mighty like this, then I would be more than happy to tell him to kindly leave, but I don’t want my family to have a bad reputation, so, I can’t kick her out, plus, she’s well known in the underworld, she’s the beauty of the mafia underworld, she gets everyone to do what she wants with no hesitation, so seeing that I’m not agreeing with her, and following her commands like an obedient dog, it has to be killing her with shock, and that’s probably one of the main reasons she wants me more, to tame me, I hear it all the time from her family, plus, she would always tell me she would tame me when we were ‘engaged’ since I didn’t do what she wanted." He sighed stressfully, "I wish this want happening..but I can’t snap my fingers and she be gone."

"How about we go upstairs with the puppies and relax?" He smiled and ruffled his lover’s hair. "And no need to worry, she’s not after you, she’s after me," he decided to tease and lighten the mood. "She’ll attack me, and I have a better chance if she attacks me over you," he smiled and nudged Len playfully. "We’ll go watch a fun movie and relax," he specified their time together as they continued down the hall and towards their room.

29 Sep 2014

Dino flinched, great, now he was the bad guy. Could this day get any worse? God forbid.

"I know I know, and she knows I called it off, a long time ago..I don’t know what she’s doing here..she sure isn’t sight seeing…" Dino was completely worried. Since then, her family had grown. They still weren’t as big as Dino’s, not nearly as big, but she was still powerful. This women got everything she wanted, be it a person or object. And Dino was her target, that’s what worried him the most.

Great, now Len was more than angry when Dino agreed to have her stay over. “Len, it’s disrespectful to kick a female of an Italian mafia out..I’m already disrespecting her by not following through to the marriage..this could mean trouble if it escalates…I can’t risk my family’s safety, and I sure as hell won’t risk yours…” Kissing the singer’s forehead, the Don sighed but smiled, “don’t worry, nothing will happen, I won’t let it happen.” Hugging Len tight, he informed the singer, “and remember, it’s only for today and early tomorrow, she’ll be in another room, and Romario will escort her home, Alls well that ends well.” If only Dino knew her devious plan.

"Well, let’s get this party started," she clasped her hand together like before, each expensive ring clacking against each other. Romario took his leave, allowing the three blondes to converse.

"So Dino, what made you want to um…well…turn gay?" Her smile was cocky. "I mean, I can clearly remember you liking females, after all, when we were kids, you thought I was cute, you would blush every time I passed by," she flipped her hair, glancing over at Len.

A pure Italian family despised the thought of same sex relationships, and the blonde male knew that all too well.

"Belladonna," Dino began and cleared his throat. "I met Len, I didn’t care if he was a boy or a girl, and I apologize deeply Belladonna, but I don’t wish to Share, I love Len, and that’s all that matters right now." He held his lover’s hand tight.

She clicked her tongue in annoyance. Dino knew all too well that she could use that information to her advantage later.

"Well.. That all seems fun, I’ll be upstairs and in the shower, I need to bathe." After saying so, she disappeared upstairs, leaving Dino and Len together again.

28 Sep 2014

Dino sighed and rubbed the nape of his neck. Collecting the puppies in his arms, he placed them behind the fence. With Len’s hand in his, he led the singer to the couch.

Sighing again, Dino cleared his throat. “Len…that’s Belladonna…she comes from another mafia family, they’re below us yes, we rank higher than them, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have money. When I was your age, I met her. Our families had us arranged to meet and converse. I disliked her from the start. She was snotty, stuck up, an air head, ditzy on purpose, and never gave me a choice. And before I knew it..we were getting engaged and when I was to age to maturity, I was to marry her….” He looked Len worriedly in the eyes. “I couldn’t stand being with her. It had only been a year and I finally took matters into my own hands and called off the engagement…my father had already passed, so I had the word. Though my idiocy almost costed me my family’s safety. I was ignorant, but I’m glad I was….or I would’ve been married to her right this second..and I would’ve never met you…and who knows what would’ve happened to my family…” Kissing his lover deeply again on the lips, the older blonde smiled sadly, “I can’t believe I forgot about her…I totally blocked those awful memories from my mind..I swear on my life I wasn’t hiding this from you..” Dino didn’t want another fight between trust to break out again. He honestly did forget about her, and for a good reason; he didn’t want to remember.

"She’s awful Len, she holds grudges, she gets everything she desires no matter the cost, she’s rude, she hates kids and animals, and she doesn’t give me room to breath, as you just witnessed…right now Romario is straightening things out..I don’t know what’ll happen, but I know it’s not marriage, because since my family is of higher rank than hers, I make the final decisions."

Just as he finished, the two walked back into the house.

Walking up to his boss, Romario sighed, “um boss…she refuses to leave..she wants to spend the night here..and we can’t discard her back home…her family trades with ours.”

Dino sighed stressfully but nodded. Looking at the female, he pouted, “you can stay..but one night..only…”

Her smirk spread as she cheered. The female planned to seduce the don with her body and make Len jealous and doubt himself. “Thank you hun~” she purred.

"Brutus..can you go collect her luggage?" Dino turned to a tall, muscular male. The male nodded and walked outside to collect he belongings for the night. Great, this would be very awkward.

28 Sep 2014

Dino gasped for air once he felt her lips disappear from his. Tilting his head to the side, the don coughed as he propped himself up on an elbow. “W-what the hell?…” He wiped his mouth and combed his hair back in confusion.

As the women was so harshly forced back, she huffed and jumped up. Smoothing down her dazzling red dress that formed to her attractive body perfectly, she fixed her makeup and folded her arms. Batting her long lashes, she flipped her golden ringlets and glared directly at Len.

"And who might this be dear?" The female blonde glanced down at the don before fixing her gaze back on the protective teen. Where was Romario at a time like this?

'Maybe I should call Romario?…we can't fight a girl….I think I should get Bambi to solve this…' Thought Dino as he nervously stared up at the other two blondes. Bambi, his new pupil at school, new exactly how to handle these kinds of situations. She even knew how to fight extremely well. 'No no! I can't call her over! I don't think Len really favors her…' He sighed inwardly.

A large smile then took place of the frown. She pat the singer’s head and chimed, “oh dear! You bought a kid for us! And the little cutie is blonde too! Look at that! A family of blondes! How perfect!”

Oh boy, she said the word, the taboo word, ‘cute’. Dino knew Len HATED being called cute unless it was by the Cavallone boss.

Dino tried to think of who this woman was. Yes he was engaged, but the don thought he broke it off years ago. Then it suddenly dawned upon him. Belladonna. Her name means, ‘beautiful women’, in Italian, and this Italian beauty was every guys’ dream. His eyes widened, it couldn’t be her. She was crazy! Off the edge insane if she didn’t get her way. This woman was a daddy’s girl, spoiled rotten. Her father always bought her whatever she so desired. And if she didn’t get what she demanded for so selfishly, then all hell would break loose, resulting in her obtaining that desire and fulfilling her needs. And now her main objective..was Dino.

He gulped and stole a glance at his lover. Dino threw him a look that said, ‘don’t piss her off.’ Now, gradually he tried to scoot away, only to be caught. Dino yelped as her was forced up and yelled when his face was smothered in her large breasts. His yells were muffled, Dino didn’t fancy this at all.

"Oh darling! Don’t worry! Don’t fret!" She exclaimed, "we’ll have children of our own! And I know I’ll be very soon~!" She purred her last words, making the don very uncomfortable. Lifting his head up, she moved on quickly for another kiss. Dino roughly grabbed her shoulder once she molded their lips together. He knew Len would be more than pissed after what happened next. And the thing that happened, was her forcing tongue through, it was plainly visible to Len.

Once Dino felt her tongue push through and explore, he pushed away and scrambled to Len. Coughing, he wiped his mouth in disgust.

"Oh! I see dear! You want to introduce me!" She clasped her hands together. "Oh how lovely!"

Dino spat and tried to get her taste out of his mouth. He found this repulsive.

Sighing heavily, the don took hold of Len’s hand and twined their fingers together, bringing his lover close.

"Belladonna…" Dino said with distaste. "You’re completely mistaken, this one right here isn’t my child, far from it, and get over your selfish ways, you don’t buy a child, you adopt one.." He knew Len was orphaned, so when she said ‘bought’ instead of ‘adopt’ well..it pissed him off. "Don’t ever mistake children for a simple object that you just buy.." He sternly informed. "And this is my lover, Len," he informed her, "I love him and will continue to until the day I die, I don’t know why you came back..we were once engaged, but I broke that off very quick." He sighed, "I never wanted to be with you, it was forced upon me, we’re not engaged and we’re sure as hell not getting married..and just to prove that Len isn’t my child.." He dipped his lover and locked lips with him for a deep, tongue involved kiss.

She gasped in horror when they broke the kiss. Anger did in fact swell inside her.

Just then, Romario came bounding into the room. He had heard the news. “Shit..” He cursed beneath his breath. “Miss Belladonna,” he bowed deeply, let’s um..talk outside…”

She glared right at the singer but nodded and left with the raven haired male, declaring, “sweetie, I’ll be back.”

Once she was gone, Dino sighed and hugged Len tight, “Len..are you ok? I don’t know what just happened…I completely forgot about her..I was engaged to her when I was a teenager and quickly broke that off..I don’t even remember..it was all a blur…”